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All types of design and creativity

Daniela Sanna

Licensed architect, specialized in landscape design; I am currently working on urban spaces projects and public works, along with the working group of which I am one of the co-founder, and I am training in the interior design field. I am passionate about graphics and visual communication, and I am very interested in life-long learning and profes...

Jaques Santos

Arquitetura, design, arte e música fazem parte da minha formação e profissão, e portanto, da minha vida. Criativo, adaptável e orientado segundo objetivos, assim me descrevo.


Interesses: 1. Project Modelling / Building Information Modelling; 2. Visual conception - 3D Modelling; rendering; sketch rendering and illustration;  

Alexandre Sequeira

I believe that architecture can be improved by the simplicity of communication and the proximity between the project and the client. In order to do that, analysis and concept design are the phases that I value the most in any project.