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Architectural work is a service that helps clients to control the ideas and the spaces where they would live. My work is not just about legal issues, money, or fantasy spaces. My work is an analysis of reality, social, economic, and environmental contexts to find the best way to realize what the clients need. So like an architect my objective is to listen to the clients and through drawing and searching give advice that would help there to realize their dreams and the best space to use.


Architecture Master in Coimbra University

final mark- 16 in 20

Developed technical, civic, and social skills in the concept of projects and studies for buildings and cities.

Architecture in Pedro Brígida Office


I learn about how the client is an essential key in the process of work. I developed my skills in professional technique and experienced many different types of projects and issues in several phases.



. the conceptual and technical execution of architectural projects

. self-work in the collection, selection, and processing of information.

. good capacity to lead and coordinate a team


.paiting and photography



.volunteering in Jornadas Mundiais da Juventude 2023



«O propósito é a Cidade», Revista: nu#44 maio 2018, Limite, revista nu, Coimbra

«Invadir», Revista: nu#45 março 2019, entre (tanto), revista nu, Coimbra

«O olho e o espaço», Revista: nu#46 outubro 2019, Cor, revista nu, Coimbra

 «Preservar as Paisagens da Serra da Estrela – uma estratégia de desenvolvimento territorial», Universidade de Coimbra: julho de 2019, Coimbra



  •  Pedro Brígida, arquitectos
  •  Nov 2019 - Present

During this tree years I developed many projects about reconstruction for rural hotels, home and comercial programs. The basis of atelier defend that the architecture work starts at first conversation with the client and it ends when they have the keys to live there. So we concept the idea with the clients and developed a team work based on share and critical work. I work in all fases of the project: concept idea, previous study, project and executed project. I use 3D drawings to communicate the space concept, show sun study and interior design.



  •  Universidade de Coimbra
  •  Sep 2014 - Sep 2019

During the master I developed my skills to represent and communicate a concept to construction. I learn about the importance of the history, theory, construction methods, sustainable issues and social and economic context. During tree years I was editor and director of a student magazine about architecture in Portugal. My master tesis is related politic of territory and urban development.